A boy smiling for the camera.


Fariaz’s parents and grandmother are heroin addicts. As a young child, when his father and grandmother were sent to jail for dealing drugs, he and his brother started getting into trouble so his mother sent them to our rehab center for boys. Since then, Fariaz has mostly been under our care.

Fariaz is around 18 years old (we’re not sure of his actual age) and wasn’t able to go far in school due to some serious learning disabilities. He is still very bright and loves to build things, do gardening, catch fish, and fix things around our home. Due to this, we enrolled him into an electrician course. He goes five days a week to classes, and also has computer and English classes at the center. When he finishes, Fariaz will get an official certificate and his school will even help him with job placement. He’s one of six children, and the only one who’s been able to get education and training to help him to have a better life.

Fariaz is super helpful and a little shy and insecure, but loved by all due to his sense of humor and kind heart.

This year we are hoping to enroll more young people like Fariaz into vocational training; especially those who have not had the opportunity or ability to complete their education. Possible areas we are looking at are: catering, hotel front desk staff, air conditioning repair, beauty salon work, etc.

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